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Quadrifoglio Group
We manufacture office furniture, seating,
lighting and accessories for the wellbeing of
those in the workplace environment. We are
design, flexibility, functionality, quality and environmentally friendly.

We believed in the future 25 years ago

For over 25 years, Quadrifoglio group has been designing office spaces and manufacturing office furnishings, improving the experience in the workplace environment. Our heart has been beating since 1991 and has continued to grow year after year. Now we have over 200 collaborators and more than 1600 active customers all over the world.


The evolution of the Office environment

The transformation of the world of work and the rapid change in technology has modified the needs and methods in the office world and has created new working demands.
We listen to the people and meet their workplace needs. Our experience and know-how is available to the client during the development and design of a 360° space.

Workplace wellbeing

Working tools and posture can improve our performance while safeguarding our health and mood. Quadrifoglio Group works closely with Designers and Planners who care about workplace wellbeing, finding innovative solutions that combine aesthetics and design, maintain environmental corporate sustainability, and give comprehensive assistance to the quality of our products.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

We care about the environment in which we live and do our best to protect our world. We are working to respect nature and our efforts have been certified in the safety of the product and the environment (ISO) in the responsible use of FSC® resources. We are aware of the need for a better world so our factories produce clean and renewable energy. We want to help increase the quality of work and consequently improve the quality of life.